Public Promotion Of E-Cigs By Lung Cancer Specialists

Another positive result for vaping was seen last month as the British Lung Foundation publicly promoted e-cigarette use to improve lung health as part of the Lung Cancer Awareness Month campaign. November saw the beginning of the month-long event during which charities and health organisations around the UK aim to educate the general public about the importance of good lung health and the best ways to guard against lung cancer.

As the British Lung Foundation pointed out, 90% of those who develop lung cancer are either current or former smokers, and therefore smoking cessation is a key part of the campaign. As part of the strategy, the organisation is increasingly promoting the use of e-cigarettes as a vital tool in helping existing smokers to give up the habit since they are at least 95% more healthy than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

University Hospital Leicester Endorses Vaping

In yet another positive step towards the acceptance of vaping by health professionals as a positive smoking cessation tool, The Nursing Times announced that nursing staff specialising in lung cancer care at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust would be part of the campaign in Leicester city centre, and would be actively promoting the use of vaping devices as a key tool in stopping smoking since the publication announced that the trust believe that e-cigs are a great way of limiting the harm which tobacco can cause.


Recognition As A Stop Smoking Aid Long Overdue

Leicester City Council supported the campaign, also endorsing vaping by quoting the vital statistics about the health benefits of e-cigarettes when compared to tobacco cigarettes and by expressing their belief that those who make the switch are more successful in their attempts to quit.

This is all very positive news, and as the UK government is currently aiming to provide more accurate research surrounding vaping, it is hoped that campaigns such as this one that positively support the use of e-cigarettes will become more prevalent as time goes on, giving smokers all of the information they require to make a more informed decision about whether or not making the switch to vaping is right for them while also helping to inform the general public about vaping and its safety.

Currently, many non-vapers are still confused over the truth around vaping, and even many smokers remain confused about the benefits. Despite the fact that more than 50% of the UK’s vapers were once tobacco smokers, around a quarter of people are still under the impression that e-cigs are equally harmful as regular cigarettes. However, since this year’s Stoptober campaign which featured the use of e-cigs and the latest government announcements of a further inquiry into their benefits, things are looking more hopeful, both for the UK’s vaping industry and also the health of the UK’s smoking population.

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