Electronic Cigarettes – How it Came to Be

Smoking e-Cigarettes is referred to as vaping. It has become a trend because it is marketed that it is not harmful to other people to inhale second-hand smoke. In fact, the smoke-like that comes out of electronic cigarettes is not smoke at all. It is water vapor, minus the nicotine that traditional smokes come with. Because of this fact, a lot of smokers switch to vaping because it is ‘healthier’ than traditional smokes. It may have eliminated second-hand smoke, but it doesn’t change the fact that smoking can kill. The one remaining from the equation still affected by smoking is the smoker himself.
As per statement of Centers for Disease Control, smoking is the leading cause of death that can be prevented in the US. This accounts over 480,000 deaths annually, or just think of it as 1 in every 5 deaths every year. That’s not all – you add over 16 million Americans that are suffering from diseases that are related to smoking, which clearly says a lot about how lowering the rate of cigarette smoking can improve the overall health of a person.

Smokers are Reducing

The numbers have somewhat lowered in the recent years. Even if over 40 percent of the Americans smoked back in 1965, only 18 percent had engaged in 2012. But given that the population today has grown bigger over the past decades – wherein 50 million smokers in 1965 vs. 42 million in 2012 – the difference is only at 8 million.
The drop rate in smokers did not just happen right away. Today’s government and a heap of non-profit organizations have always been encouraging and waged war against smoking. They have been campaigning against it by increasing its taxes, banning broadcast advertising and even put up ad campaigns that center the subject of anti-smoking. California is the state that seems to be leading this fight. And since the year 1966, Americans have been recorded for not being able to purchase even a pack of cigarette smoke-free from the warnings displayed on the label with hazards of smoking.
Then they are greeted with a wide array of products that help smokers quit smoking altogether, starting from gum and patches to prescription drugs, lollipops, and lozenges. The most recent creation is the electronic cigarettes.

Vaping – The New Smoking Trend

Electronic cigarettes have long been on the market, but they weren’t patented back in the 60s. They only hit the trend in the recent decade, wherein they first appeared in China back in 2004 and then started spreading its use across Europe in 2006. It then reached the US in 2007.
Electronic cigarettes are basically composed of a battery, cartridge and LED light. When it is turned on, the e-cigarette heats the liquid inside the cartridge, which produces the vapor that comes out of the e-cig. Thus the word “vaping” comes into action. This is the alternate word since smoking is not the right term for it. Vaping lacks the combustion process that actual smoking has. The ingredients composing the liquid varies, but generally, it still contains nicotine, chemicals used in vaporizing it, flavoring and additives. There are some liquid mixtures that are free from nicotine.
Since they are free from tobacco, as of the moment, they are unregulated in the US, but there might be changes in the future. Cities like New York, Chicago, Boston and the most recent Los Angeles, have already restricted the use of e-cigarettes. New Jersey, North Dakota and Utah have banned the use of e-cigs, especially in areas where smoking is prohibited.